Directional or Non-Directional Trading?

Which do you prefer – directional or non-directional trading?

For many traders, both chronic and tentative this question can provide different answers depending upon circumstances eg

  • serious contrarians will by definition take the opposite view to the pervading
  • those with the herd instinct and who prefer the slogans like “go with the trend” will do just that

so those traders who prefer less risk and do not think of trading as gambling are more likely to vote for non-directional;

whereas, those traders who like the high risk, potentially high reward option trades are more likely to punt on the prospect of strong directional trading.

So where does this leave us?

Here is a 2 by 2 box which may be useful:

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We all have options

We all have options but do we take them?

Here is a free website which I recommend if you are looking to organise your life. What it helps you do – is to jot down all those things that you think you should do & often forget about. The act of recording them and pinning a priority and a date to be done (only if you want to that is) seems to clear the mind of clutter and it helps to reduce one’s stress. Then periodically, (eg I go into the site two or three times a day) you can re-assess priorities. The opportunity it gives me is that it allows me to focus on what is important; and I no longer ‘beat myself up’ like I used to. The website address is .  Now if you are feeling brave you could open a folder, within toodledo, called DonutOptions, put it aside to start with and I shall keep you posted.

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It’s what you eat

You are what you eat

I learned this when I was young; and like many of the the ideas and concepts you acquire early they are more likely to last. But I was also taught to question and I have been questioning this notion of being or becoming what you eat for many years. If you walk around America then apart from anything else you cannot avoid noticing the obesity; and  of course it is pretty obvious that this obesity is linked to diet and exercise, meaning too much of the wrong foods and insufficient exercise. As one of my uncles used to quip ” I did not see any fat people in Belsen” and he, as a British Commando was a member of the first batch to enter the Camp. Incidentally, and my uncle only told me this quietly at our home on the evening after my father’s funeral, that the American contingent arrived 4 days later, with much fanfare and with several jewish camera-wielding reporters in tow, and the General was displeased that he wasn’t first there because like all true yanks he craved the limelight, and more importantly the yet to be written Holocaust story was looking for evidence.

But leaving aside the issue of whether the main culprit is tfa (transfatty acid) or sugar and the role of cholesterol and the glycemic index there are two clear observations:

  • the food industry is large, and the ‘weight loss’ industry is lucrative
  • there is confusion, misinformation and disinformation surrounding the ‘weight loss industry’ (in other words apart from the information provided by honest promoters there is considerable noise and confusion generated by dishonest promoters and practitioners)

But let us also leave aside these two preliminary observations and focus for two minutes on the ultimate cause of obesity. In the jargon of modern day American thinking, which is at the root of America’s downfall, everything can be reduced to whether you are a victim or a perpetrator. Now of course in a democracy, it is quantity that counts, not quality, so if you can be the party which supports the poor huddled masses and tells them they are victims then you have their vote, if you tell them it is not their fault and that you will give them money to address the injustice then you have their vote. In many ways this was the essence of communism’s message, and it failed because it bankrupted itself because the core of the belief, while outwardly appealing is intrinsically flawed. A flawed system will ultimately fail if it attracts as its members those who sing from the same corrupt song sheet. It is now America’s turn to bankrupt itself with assistance from the same powerful elite who manoeuvred Russia out of the Czarhood and into Bolshevism and more recently out of State run communism and into a “market” economy.  But, in some ways, we digress – so back to what we eat, (rather than what we are forced to digest if we listen to the propaganda on  the television as we eat our toxin laden daily bread). The ultimate cause of obesity is probably greed and whether or not it is written into our DNA. If you have the fat gene then you have to work harder, physically and mentally to avoid obesity. If you go to Taiwan today you can see how the people there are also blowing out like balloons. After generations of being short of food they are now feasting, and the too much rice and too many noodles are showing.

Most people also like donuts. Like noodles they are a cheap, low nutrition fast food which appeals to taste buds being high in sugar and often include fat and salt.

But we at do not advocate eating low quality foods like white rice, noodles or donuts; but we do advocate selling donut options. If we think of money as a store of value we can think of an option as of a store of time-value. An option is a contract with two components, what are called intrinsic and extrinsic value. So one of these components is dependent upon the price and whether you end up “in” or “out of” or “at”  the money, and the other component is the store of time-value which has an expiry date. When the expiry date is reached the value of the option has run out. Think of our donut options has having come out of the oven and as they gradually cool down they lose money each day until eventually they expire cold and worth nothing. We advocate becoming donut option operators and selling them when they have 30 to 40 days left before they expire and go cold. This in one sentence is our business. If you want to find out more we suggest you sign on to an initial basic subscription, which is free; although we want to make it abundantly clear that to become a donut option operator we will make you go through hoops and jump bars, because we do not believe in ‘something for nothing’, we do not believe in socialism. We do believe in the philosophy espoused by Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich” and we shall send you a copy of the ebook. There will be instructions with the email which will explain that we believe in the piano practice principle of ‘ten minutes a day’ everyday is more valuable than 2 hours a week all at once.

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Sticky options

It’s a large dangerous exciting world of sticky options. We are here to sort out the appealing from the unhealthy, the exotic from the sticky.

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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